About Marc P Summers


Marc started his Internet career back in 1994 by talking his way into a web design job for a large recruitment agency in the UK. Within weeks he was heading up a team of designers and technicians to create an online recruitment agency for the company.

After 6 months Marc was promoted to head of a new division developing web sites for the recruitment agencies’ own clients. However this only lasted a few months as it was too successful it was dragging the company away from their core business. Marc left the organization taking with him all the previous clients to ensure they did not suffer from the decision and later continued to take on the old company’s clients as they were still demanding the service.

A few large PLC companies later and Marc was running his own Web Development company with 20+ employees at the age of 22. Then it happened!!!! The DotCom Crash! Marc lost everything, his business, his wife, his house, his car, even his dog. After a small time working in local government as an employee Marc was ready to start again.

He started a web development company that helped small businesses succeed and found that the problem people were needing to solve most was ‘Getting Traffic’. So Marc started traveling the world speaking at conventions helping them de-code the mystery that Search Engine Optimization consultants were confusing business owners with. Before long he realized he needed better systems in place….

And Then Came Infusionsoft

Back in 2008 Marc found Infusionsoft to help him increase the amount of people at his SEO seminars from 20-30 to 400-500. He knew that if he added a little followup then all those people who said they wanted to come but couldn’t make the date would be able to find a suitable seminar to attend.

In November of 2008 he took the plunge, even though at the time he really couldn’t afford it, he really wanted it, and knew it was going to help. The next seminar was in January and Marc spent the next two months setting up Infusionsoft, learning everything he could about the system to produce his first BIG seminar – 250 people.

This was not enough for him though, and he continued to tweak his campaigns and test and measure further to produce the BIGGEST ever – 450 people sitting in a movie theatre watching the seminar on the largest screen he could get.

By mid 2009, Marc was ready to help others do the same and he became a ‘Certified Marketing Automation Coach’, which later changed to Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC) and is now known as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Marc now helps businesses all around the world get Infusionsoft set up and automated to enable them to maximize the return on investment from it. Maybe he can help you, chat with him about your business.